John McAfee Deported from Guatemala, Back in U.S.

Next steps are unclear for the software pioneer, wanted for questioning in a murder case in Belize

Photo: Guatemala's National Police/AP

The latest chapter in the John McAfee saga was written Wednesday, as the anti-virus software pioneer was released from Guatemalan custody and flown to Miami, where he was met by federal officials.

“It was the most gracious expulsion I’ve ever experienced,” McAfee, 67, told ABC News. “Compared to my past two wives that expelled me, this isn’t a terrible trip.”

He added: “They took me out of my cell and put me on a freaking airplane. I had no choice in the matter.”

McAfee is wanted for questioning in the November gunshot murder of a neighbor in Belize. He has denied any wrongdoing, yet fled Belize – going undercover in disguise for several weeks – and sought asylum in Guatemala.

Authorities there arrested him for entering the country illegally. But after an eventful detention, in which McAfee was briefly hospitalized after suffering a nervous collapse, the country evidently felt it prudent to return McAfee to his home soil.

It was not clear Wednesday whether authorities in Miami escorted McAfee away to shield him from the media or because they wanted to question him.

McAfee said he has retained a lawyer in the U.S. and plans to seek a visa for his 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend.

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