Joe Biden Says 'Institutional Racism' Still Exists in Police Practices: 'Some Police Organizations Acknowledged That'

Biden said that some of the police organizations he and President Obama spoke to on Monday, have acknowledged that institutional racism does exist in some practices.


Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama have been involved in several conversations regarding police-involved shootings since the three fatal incidents that occurred in different cities across America last week.

In a recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Biden said that ‘institutional racism’ is still around in America, and affects the policing in certain communities.

“What does matter is the frustration in African-American community of the institutional racism that’s been around forever and ever in the United States and still exists in application of some of the laws has to be addressed,” he said. “And it’s real. And some police organizations that I met with today, the president met with, acknowledged that.”

Biden also offered insight into some of the conversations President Obama had with the various law enforcement agencies he met with on Monday, telling Stephanopoulos that the Commander-In-Chief discussed the “need for better training,” including “the need to train in de-escalation.” Other topics included police officials requesting the White House be more “supportive in terms of what we say about the risk they’re taking.”

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“They talked about needing to read out to the communities and acknowledge the fear and apprehension that exist in the communities,” Biden added. “And I agreed that with the president’s permission that we’re gonna work through the kinds of things that they need help on and what they’re going to do to reach out as well.”

During his sit down, which will air in its entirety on Good Morning America, Biden commended the Dallas Police Department for showing restraint and their ability to de-escalate the situation when a sniper opened fire at a peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest on Thursday.

Five of the 11 officers shot, died.

“I think for anyone to suggest that there is not inappropriate behavior in a small percentage of the police departments, police men and women, is just not being realistic and so what Black Lives Matter in large is about, is acknowledging the institutional racism that remains,” Biden added. “But the vast majority of the 18,000 police departments you know, they in fact apply the law equally and well, but it does exist.”

Although Biden did not confirm any travel plans, he also reportedly did not rule out the idea of traveling to Baton Rouge or Minnesota – the sites of the fatal police involved shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile – as the national conversation on police brutality continues.

Biden’s full interview airs on Tuesday on Good Morning America.

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