"Every experience in life was amplified beyond my wildest dreams [by her]," Jay Meloff says of Jessica Ghawi
Credit: Courtesy Jay Meloff

Friends say Dark Knight shooting victim Jessica Ghawi was an amazing person – but no one knew her quite like boyfriend Jay Meloff.

“Every experience in life was amplified beyond my wildest dreams with you,” Meloff, a 22-year-old Toronto junior hockey player, Tweeted on Friday, shortly after news broke that his girlfriend, along with 11 others, had been killed, leaving 59 injured during an Aurora, Colo., movie theater massacre.

Ghawi, 25, an aspiring sports writer and avid Twitter user who went by the pen name Redfield, was remembered on the social networking site with an #RIPJessica hashtag that eventually began trending.

“Everyone please send a Tweet out for Jessi #RIPJessica,” Meloff wrote. “She was the most wonderful and beautiful person I’ve ever been lucky enough to know and share life’s offerings with. She loved Tweeting and loved Twitter. Please send out a Tweet for her. #RIPJessica.”

Meloff met Ghawi when she interviewed him over Skype for a story she was working on a year ago.

“She was just so funny and witty, she didn’t miss a beat,” he tells the Toronto Sun.com, adding that after that he “couldn’t stand not talking to her.”

Meloff currently lives in Markham to train for the summer, but planned to move back to Denver in fall to continue living with Ghawi. “We wanted our future together,” he says.

Added Meloff on Twitter, “140 [characters] could never do you justice. Nor could all the words in this world. Never wanted to fall asleep because it meant missing time with you.”