A suspect's guilty plea proves the actor was telling the truth, London tells PEOPLE
Credit: Andy Fossum/Startraks

Party of Five star Jeremy London is finally breathing a sigh of relief after one of his suspected kidnappers pleaded guilty in the bizarre abduction of the actor that made headlines last summer.

“I feel vindicated,” London, 38, tells PEOPLE. “But I’m hardly jumping for joy. The damage that has been done to my career, reputation and family is almost irreparable.”

London had reported being abducted in June 2010 by several men who helped change his flat tire in Palm Springs, Calif. They pulled a gun on him, drove him around for 12 hours while making him take ecstasy and smoke methamphetamine, then stole his car, he told police.

Shortly afterwards, London’s mother and brother came out publicly saying they had serious doubts about his story, fueling widespread speculation that he fabricated the assault. London is a recovering addict who has fought a long battle with prescription drugs.

But on March 3, Brandon Ray Adams, 27, pleaded guilty in a Palm Springs court to felony false imprisonment and a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully taking the actor’s rented Ford Focus. Adams, who has been in jail since his arrest last June, was paroled as result of the plea deal.

“I knew all along I was telling the truth and so did the police,” says London, who claims he still hasn’t heard from his brother and mother since before the incident.

Despite the bizarre nature of his abduction, London claims that over the past few months he has been contacted by over a half dozen people on his Facebook page who’ve told him that something similar happened to them or to someone they know.

“For people who think this is too weird to happen, wake up,” says London. “We live in weird world.”

Although pleased with the outcome of the case, London insists that the matter is far from over. “This guy (Brandon Adams) wasn’t the gunman,” he says. “The guy who put the gun to my head is still out there. There’s definitely going to be another twist to this story.”

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