Andy Fossum/Startraks
October 07, 2010 06:00 PM

Jeremy London is finally getting his day in court.

The former Party of Five star – who was allegedly kidnapped in Palm Springs on June 10 – tells PEOPLE he’s “nervous as hell” about the hearing scheduled for Friday. “But,” he adds, “I was the victim of a violent crime and justice needs to be done.”

London, a recovering addict who has fought a long battle with prescription drugs, is set to appear in Palm Springs at an evidentiary hearing of Brandon Adams, 27, who is accused of kidnapping the actor.

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According to police reports, London was in Palm Springs visiting his estranged wife and the couple’s 3-year-old son, when several men helped change his flat tire, then pulled a gun on him, drove him around for 12 hours while making him take ecstasy and smoke meth – then stole his car.

Shortly after the incident, London’s mother and brother came out publicly saying they had serious doubts about Jeremy’s story. But London insists his story is true and hopes the hearing will be a source of vindication for him.

“I’m just glad the whole world is going to see I’m telling the truth,” says London. “All those who said bad things about me are going to look really silly. Being assaulted was bad enough, but what my brother and mother said about me almost made me want to jump off a bridge.”

Adams, whose bail has been set at $500,000 and remains in jail, has also been charged with carjacking, robbery, receiving stolen property, and taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent. The purpose of Friday’s hearing is to determine if enough evidence exists to move forward with a trial.

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