Celebrity Hair Stylist Jen Atkin's Home Got Robbed — and She Got the Whole Thing on Camera

Kardashian hair stylist Jen Atkin's Los Angeles home got robbed on Friday, but luckily she got the whole thing on camera

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Kardashian BFF and hair stylist Jen Atkin's Los Angeles home got robbed on Friday, but luckily she got the whole thing on camera.

"So whoever is in my closet right now stealing all my jewelry, we have you on camera and the police are on their way," Atkin wrote alongside a surveillance video of the two robbers — whose features were obscured by hoodies — inside her bedroom closet. (She was busy working at a photo shoot at a nearby beach at the time.)

"Update: police are on it and I can't say too much. But get cameras in your house guys they're so helpful," she continued in a separate snap.

"We are OK. Feels violating but we are healthy happy and blessed," Atkin wrote as she drove home with husband, celebrity photographer Mike Rosenthal. "Weirdly thinking the people who robbed us needed it more than we do."

She shared this message alongside a video of the two driving as the Sublime song "I've Seen Better Days" could be heard playing in the background. "Too soon," she added.

Jen Atkin/Instagram
Jen Atkin/Instagram

This isn't the first Kardashian-related robbery. In October 2016, Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris and her house with husband Kanye West was reportedly burglarized last week. In March, Kendall Jenner's house was also robbed.

Later Atkin shared additional footage from the robbery.

"You guys this is so crazy to watch. Mike just gave me permission to show this. What if this is just a Nest ad and I was getting paid?," Atkin said, referencing the company who made the surveillance cameras. "Just kidding."

"So basically they used my own Henri Bendel bag and just starts going through the jewelry," she continued. "This is so creepy. And apparently they have robbed a couple houses on our very street today — it's the same guys — everybody's putting the clues together so guess what buddies? It's so crazy that people do this with cameras it's like so not smart."

She also added that one of the robbers went straight for her Yeezys — a popular shoe brand designed by West. "Like none of my name-brand shoes were taken, he literally just is checking the size of my Yeezys," she said, before adding that the robbers also went through the "drawer that I keep all my Kylie Lip Kits [in] and my KKW Beauty — what's happening here?"

In a statement to PEOPLE, Jen Atkin's rep told that Atkin is currently declining to comment on the robbery. "We would appreciate privacy on this matter."

LAPD did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Jen Atkin/Instagram

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In September, Atkin showed off her Los Angeles' home's sleek new makeover, revealing that she shed her fair share of tears in the process. "We were thrilled!" she said. "We've put so much work into this house, and to see it finally presented as a livable space — it's been very exciting and emotional."

Although she gives credit to her director and photographer husband for keeping her vision on track, it was decorating site AllModern and interior designer to the stars Mat Sanders of Consort Design who brought her "minimal, clean, warm" aesthetic to life. "This was our first massive renovation, and the whole process has been fantastic," she added. "Definitely time and attention consuming, but very gratifying and fulfilling."

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