Palm Beach Co. Sheriff's Office
December 02, 2015 01:50 PM

A boxer allegedly murdered his rival in Palm Beach, Florida, on early Thanksgiving morning after losing a fight to him, according to an arrest report obtained by PEOPLE.

Darrell Telisme, 24, purportedly told investigators that he felt that 23-year-old Golden Gloves champion fighter Stan Stanisclasse was holding him back by turning down his repeated requests for an organized challenge in the ring, even though the two had often boxed informally.

“Mr. Stanisclasse held several championship titles but refused to accept a challenge from Mr. Telisme,” Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office investigators wrote in an affidavit. “Mr. Telisme felt he was missing his opportunity to advance in the boxing community.”

The two had fought in friendly matches many times before at Dave Lewter’s West Palm Beach boxing gym, Lewter told The Sun-Sentinel. Stanisclasse beat Telisme every time, to the point that Telisme had become obsessed with challenging him to fight.

With the feud between them growing, Stanisclasse felt unsafe and even asked a friend to borrow a firearm to protect himself from Telisme, the arrest report states.

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On Nov. 25, Telisme, Stanisclasse and another friend went out for drinks at a pizza restaurant. While they were drinking, Telisme and Stanisclasse got into an argument about who was stronger.

“I will kick your ass, I am a champion fighter,” Stanisclasse allegedly said, according to the arrest report.

They took the argument outside, where Stanisclasse beat Telisme yet again. Everything seemed fine – the group continued drinking, ending the night at Stanisclasse’s apartment before eventually going their separate ways on early Thanksgiving morning.

But at around 4 a.m., Telisme allegedly returned to Stanisclasse’s apartment with a Colt .45 pistol tucked in his waistband. He knocked once on Stanisclasse’s door, then shot him in the head when he answered.

Telisme told investigators this part of the evening was a “blur” to him because he had had so much to drink.

“It’s really pretty pathetic and silly,” Lewter said of the shooting. “I can’t imagine what it was in [Telisme’s] mind that made him think this was a better option than just letting it go. Because what’s the win here? Going to prison for the rest of your life?”

Telisme is charged with first-degree murder and carrying a concealed weapon. He has not yet entered a plea to these charges.

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