She was paralyzed by a stun gun, wrapped in a blanket and threatened with Dobermans, she tells a grand jury
Credit: Nick Ut/AP

With her abductors pleading guilty and sentenced to life in prison, the details are finally coming out about the fear and pain that the then-11-year-old Jaycee Dugard endured during her kidnapping.

Dugard, now 31, described her ordeal in testimony before a grand jury last September, and on Thursday the court released a heavily redacted transcript. But even in the shortened form, the transcript’s account – the first to be made public – is chilling.

Dugard says she was walking to the school bus 20 years ago outside her family’s South Lake Tahoe home when someone’s hand shot out of a car window “and I feel this shock” from what she later found out was a stun gun.

Jaycee says she stumbled into the bushes.

“I feel like my whole body wouldn’t work. It was tingly and nothing works,” she testified.

Then, she says, her abductors threw a blanket over her and drove off, and she believes that she blacked out.

After some time, she says they reached a destination and one of her kidnappers, Phillip Garrido, put the blanket back over her and warned her to be quiet.

“He said I had to be really quiet and there was dogs patrolling the area,” Jaycee testified. “He said he had Dobermans and that if I was to run or, you know, try to do anything, that they would come after me.”

El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Douglas Phimister released the documents – after deleting details of sexual assault – after the Garridos were sentenced. Phillip Garrido received 431 years to life and Nancy Garrido received 36 years.