The actor reportedly suffered multiple broken bones and a concussion, according to a statement

Credit: Scottsdale Police

After being arrested following a bar fight in Scottsdale, Ariz., over the weekend, Jason London insists the incident isn’t what it seems.

“The details of the events leading up to the incident are still being worked out with the help of many eyewitness testimonies; people who were there with Jason for the duration of the evening and with the recollection Jason does have. We will undoubtedly get to the bottom of the specifics. Neither Jason nor any of the witnesses we have spoken to have any recollection of anything even feeling like it was going south,” according to a statement released by London’s rep.

The statement claims that “excessive force” was used by the four bouncers during the altercation at the Martini Ranch.

The statement continues: “Bars are institutions where there are drunk people who are sometimes inappropriate and even violent. It is the bouncers’ job to remove the problem and if it is necessary, to use force in order to secure the safety of the establishment and patrons. It is not acceptable to retaliate with brutality once that has been accomplished.”

London’s injuries include “a right orbital fracture, a right maxillary sinus fracture, multiple contusions, multiple hematomas and concussion.”

But the cause of the scuffle remains unclear: “In the midst of having a good time, Jason does remember one of the guys saying something about Jason looking at his friend’s girl wrong and grabbing and dragging him. The next thing Jason remembers was coming to with the cops arresting him,” the statement reads.

Following his arrest, the actor – who is best known for his role in Dazed and Confused – allegedly intentionally defecated in the backseat of a patrol car, the police report claims.

The report also states that the twin brother of Jeremy London continually cursed at the officer, dropping a homophobic slur and telling the officer to “look me up” because “I’m rich” and “a famous actor.”

Managers for the Martini Ranch weren’t immediately available for comment.