Debbie Flores-Narvaez is now missing; police are not calling boyfriend a suspect
Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty

The argument erupted over an iPhone.

Debbie Flores-Narvaez, a dancer in the Las Vegas burlesque show Fantasy, was arguing with her boyfriend Jason “Blu” Griffith around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 22 on a Las Vegas street when he grabbed her phone and tossed it 100 feet, according to a police report.

When Flores-Narvaez bent over to pick it up, Griffith pushed her to the ground and, she claimed, kicked her and pulled her hair, a clump of which was found nearby and photographed by police as evidence.

At the time, Flores-Narvaez says, she was pregnant with Griffith’s child.

Griffith, also a Las Vegas show dancer and an aspiring rapper, was arrested on domestic violence charges. The case went unnoticed until last week, when Flores-Narvaez disappeared Dec. 12 without a trace after going to Griffith’s house.

Cooperating with Police

After saying nothing for days, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police spoke to reporters Tuesday but did not identify Griffith as a suspect.

“Every missing persons case has potential to have foul play involved, but at this point we have found no indication of foul play,” says Las Vegas Police Lt. Rob Lindquist.

Officers are still following up on leads, including speaking to Griffith, who has been described as cooperative with investigators.

Griffith is apparently the last person to have seen Flores-Narvaez. He tells police she did in fact see him on Dec. 12 at his house, then left to meet up with friends.

“She was fine and everything appeared to be fine,” Lindquist said. Her car, which was recovered a few days after her disappearance, was “drivable,” Lindquist says.

Volatile Relationship

On Tuesday, Las Vegas Judge Nancy Oesterle set an April 14 preliminary hearing for Griffith on the domestic violence charges, one misdemeanor and one felony. (An attorney for Griffith declined to comment).

According to the police report in that case, Griffith confirmed he had argued with his girlfriend, but denied hitting her or taking her phone. But in addition to finding what the report called “a chunk of her hair,” police also spotted bruises on both of her legs.

The pair had been dating for about a year, and friends and family describe the relationship volatile. Flores-Narvaez, 31, who also worked as a go-go dancer at Rain nightclub in the Palms hotel, appeared in Griffith’s music video for a hip-hop song called “Sex Gamez,” where she licks his bare chest.

Following the fight over the iPhone, the pair resumed a relationship. (The pregnancy didn’t go to term, though the reason wasn’t known). But at the time of her disappearance, they apparently were having problems again.

“It was a rocky relationship from what I understand, a lot of ups and downs,” Flores-Narvaez’s sister, Celeste Flores-Narvaez, tells PEOPLE.

Griffith’s former theater coach Gerald Gordon was shocked to hear about the domestic violence case, calling him “absolutely dependable, honest and talented.”

“He was one of the best people I had worked with,” adds Gordon. “I saw him a few weeks ago. He has a new girlfriend and he seemed very happy. I would have recommended him for anything.”