Albuquerque Police Department/File/AP
January 14, 2015 10:00 AM

This past March, Albuquerque police officers shot a homeless man – and the entire horrific scene was captured on video.

Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez will face first-degree murder charges in the shooting of 38-year-old James Boyd, a prosecutor announced Monday, CNN reports.

Boyd, who was homeless, spent the night before his shooting in a shelter. When the shelter closed for the winter, he tried to camp in the hills about the city, officials said according to the news outlet.

He was armed with two small knives and at one point can be heard telling the officers on video that he was “the Department of Defense.”

An officer is seen on the video throwing a stun grenade at this feet, while a second officer releases a police dog that attacks Boyd.

Boyd’s last words on the recording were, “Please don’t hurt me” and “I can’t move.”

After the video was released, which showed Sandy and Perez firing three shots each that killed Boyd, protests started to spread throughout the city, according to KRQE.

The preliminary hearing will be held in a few months, the station reported.

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