Muncie Police
September 24, 2015 05:15 PM

An Indiana man is in police custody after his roommates turned him in for allegedly beating and drowning his puppy to death for wetting the bed.

Jacob Joe “Jackie” Rodgers, 26, of Muncie, Indiana, was arrested late Tuesday afternoon after his roommates visited City Hall to alert police of Rodgers’ alleged crime.

The pair told authorities that Rodgers had become extremely angry with his puppy, Cody, after it wet his bed. They said Rodgers told them he was going to kill the dog for its actions, and locked them out.

The pair continued, saying they heard Rodgers hitting the dog and then saw him trying to resuscitate the dog after it had apparently been put underwater in a bath tub.

An investigation into the dog’s cause of death found that the four-pound puppy died of a lacerated liver and internal bleeding. Rodgers, who told police he struck the dog several times but didn’t remember what else he had done, is being held under a $5,000 bond at the Delaware County Jail.

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