Krystle El Khatib was reportedly upset that their children's father did not spend enough time with them
Credit: Cook County Sheriff

An Illinois woman has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly giving her 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter apple juice laced with a potent antianxiety drug.

Authorities claim Krystle El Khatib, 29, of Schiller Park, crushed up benzodiazepine pills, placed the powder in the juice and forced her children to drink two glasses each on Sunday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

When her son refused to drink all of his juice, El Khatib threatened to hit him, the paper also reported, adding that she ingested a similar cocktail herself.

The alleged motive? She was angry with the children’s father.

Appearing in court Thursday, prosecutors told a judge El Khatib was upset that the father did not spend enough time with the children and with her, according to the Tribune.

“At least if I go to hell, I’ve already been there. The kids go to heaven. Peace from all,” she allegedly wrote in a text to their father a day before the poisonings, the prosecutor said in court.

The father reportedly learned about the poisonings Monday morning, after their son woke up vomiting, could not wake his mother and then texted his father.

According to Chicago’s WGN TV, the children were taken to an area hospital, treated for poisoning and released to the custody of their father.

El Khatib was also taken to an area hospital and treated. There, according to a criminal complaint obtained by WGN, the woman told a social worker “that she brought her kids into this world and she can take them out.”

A judge set her bail at $1.5 million.