Human Body Parts Wash Ashore Rio Beach Near Olympic Volleyball Site

Authorities are unsure of where the body parts came from.

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Issues continue to riddle this year’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, before the games even get their official start.

Problems continued on Wednesday when human body parts, including a foot and other remains washed ashore a beach near the site for the upcoming Olympic volleyball tournaments in the Brazilian city, the Associated Press reports.

Police reportedly have no further details about the recently discovered, mutilated body parts.

According to Reuters, the discovery was made by a Rio street vendor, who reported his findings to a newspaper.

Along with a variety of other setbacks, the city has faced an uptick in localized violence since a drug trafficker escaped from a Brazilian hospital over a week ago, engaging in multiple gun battles across the city’s slums, as authorities attempt to recapture him, the AP reports.

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Over the past few months, Rio has voiced concerns over financial obstacles that threaten the safety and services of visitors who are in town for the games, as the Zika virus continues to force athletes into deciding whether or not they should drop out of the Olympics.

According to Reuters – as conditions in the city continue to decline – police and firemen held a demonstration at Rio’s international airport where they protested missed wages and welcomed passengers with signs that reportedly read, “Welcome to Hell.”

The Olympics are scheduled to begin on Aug. 5.

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