Police Documents Reveal Shocking New Details on Hope Solo's Domestic Violence Arrest

Newly obtained police documents reveal that Solo was allegedly combative with police who booked her into jail after her arrest

Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty

Hope Solo had to be wrestled to the ground by police after she was arrested on domestic violence charges last year, according to recently revealed police reports.

When the soccer superstar was booked for allegedly assaulting her half sister and her nephew in their Kirkland, Washington, home, on June 21, 2014, she became combative and began insulting officers, according to the police records obtained by ESPN. “You’re such a b—-. You’re scared of me because you know that if the handcuffs were off, I’d kick your ass,” she allegedly yelled at one officer.

She also suggested that two officers were having sex and called another a “14-year-old boy,” ESPN reports. When one officer asked her to take off her necklace, she told him it was worth more than he made in a year.

All of this allegedly took place after Solo’s nephew, who was 17 at the time, called 911 and said that his aunt was “going crazy and hitting people,” according to the police report. Officers arrived to the home of Solo’s half sister, Teresa Obert, to find Obert and her son battered and bruised.

Solo’s nephew was crying and he had a bleeding cut on his left ear, according to the report. His nose, jawbone and arms were red, and his arms had scratch marks on them.

“We just let her back into our lives,” he told police through tears. She “always does this.”

In a statement at the time, Obert wrote that she had been trying to comfort her sister, who was upset that her husband had “left her for the night” and that she had missed a flight to her game the next day. Obert said in a sworn deposition obtained by Outside the Lines that Solo had already “drank a lot” that night and that they also had a couple of glasses of wine together after Obert invited her half sister inside.

When Obert stepped out of the room to go to the bathroom, her son and Solo got into a heated argument. “When I came to the room my sister was punching my son on his head,” Obert wrote in her statement. “My sister was on top of my son punching him. I then tried to pull my sister off of my son and my sister then punched me in the face several times.”

The new information paints a picture that is vastly different from the one Solo, 33, has depicted to the media.

“I’m not going to go into all of the details, uh, but it was a scary night,” she told Good Morning America in a February 2014 interview. “I was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of my 17-year-old nephew, who is 6’9″ and 280 pounds. I was struck over the head, and concussed pretty severely. It was a very scary night.” (Obert’s son admitted in his deposition that, after Solo allegedly shoved his mother down two steps, he hit her over the head with a wooden broomstick, breaking it.)

The two-time Olympic gold medalist also spoke out last week to espnW, denying assaulting her family members and saying, “From here on out, no matter what happens, I’ll forever be associated with domestic violence.”

As she recalled the night, Solo began to cry, reports ESPN. Wiping tears from her cheeks, she said she felt “stupid” for what happened, but more so for “trusting people she now views as poisonous.” “It was hell,” she said. “I should have known.”

Obert, 43, says there was a time when she and Solo were best friends. But after watching the goalkeeper put the blame on her son, Obert says her relationship with her half sister is over, according to ESPN.

“I felt like I had just been kicked in the head,” she said of Solo’s GMA interview. “She should have been happy, but then, randomly, she goes on Good Morning America and lies. I was very upset. It never had anything to do with size. She has tried to make him feel small his whole life. He’s not aggressive. She’s a trained athlete. She’s strong.”

Almost one year later, Solo is preparing to lead the United States into Monday’s opening-round match of the World Cup. But the domestic violence case still looms over her; her name has not been cleared. Her case in Kirkland Municipal Court was dismissed on procedural grounds and prosecutors have filed an appeal with the Superior Court of Washington, ESPN reports. Legal briefs for the appeal are due in July and oral arguments are scheduled for Sept. 11.

Her lawyer, in response to documents suggesting Solo was lying about the events of that night, said in a statement, “Police reports and other court documents clearly demonstrate that the alleged victims radically changed their stories on multiple occasions and twice refused to answer questions under oath, despite court orders. Had the case proceeded to trial and the witnesses been cross-examined under oath subject to the penalty of perjury, the defense would have proven that Teresa’s son, not Hope, was the true aggressor, and that Hope suffered a concussion as a result of her nephew’s unlawful conduct.”

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