The onetime boyfriend of Lauren Conrad is jailed in Washington for assault

By Michael Y. Park
October 01, 2009 09:40 AM
Splash News

He’s done it again.

Onetime Hills star Jason Wahler is stewing in a Yakima County, Wash., jail after being nabbed in Seattle on assault and a related drinking charge on Sept. 25, RadarOnline reports.

Familiar words for those who remember his 30-day sentence for getting in a drunken brawl in 2007 in a Seattle hotel – or that incident in 2006, when he was sentenced to two months in jail for battery after punching a tow-truck driver and city employee while shouting ethnic slurs and boasting a blood-alcohol level of .22 percent.

“Jail was a very humbling experience. It gave me time to reflect and really think about my mistakes,” Wahler, now 22, said after serving his time two years ago.

So consider it a lesson he’ll need to revisit fourfold. A Seattle court official says Wahler will serve 120 days in jail, though he could get out in 80 if he behaves.

Earlier this year, Wahler, who once dated Lauren Conrad, saw his engagement to college tennis player Katja Decker-Sadowski called off.

“He’s got a lot of demons to work out,” Conrad said in 2007.