Helen Heaphy, 50, said she was holding the drugs for a friend
Credit: David Johnston/Getty

Call it the luck of the Irish.

Helen Heaphy, 50, of Cork, Ireland, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to two counts of cocaine possession, but walked away with only a fine.

The grandmother was found with about 350 euros (or $400) worth of the illegal substance outside of a local bingo hall, which she insisted she was holding for an unnamed friend.

Cork District Court Judge Leo Malone accepted her lawyer’s plea for clemency, citing her “family obligations” and the relatively small amount of cocaine she was caught with, according to the Associated Press.

Heaphy was fined 750 euros ($870) and escaped without jail time, despite having two prior convictions for drugs possession and obstructing a police narcotics unit.

In a magnanimous gesture, the bingo hall’s owner allowed Heaphy to return to play at the establishment.