Shellie Zimmerman had previously spoken out about the strain on their marriage

By Lee Hernandez
September 05, 2013 07:15 PM
Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty

She stood by him after he was charged with the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin – and remained at his side throughout the trial – but now George Zimmerman’s wife has decided to end their marriage.

According to ABC News, Shellie Zimmerman, 26, has filed for divorce from George Zimmerman, 29, her husband of six years.

The news comes just a few weeks after Shellie spoke to ABC News about how Zimmerman’s trial affected her marriage.

In the interview, Shellie said she and George feared for their lives daily during the trial.

“We lived in a 20-foot trailer in the woods, scared every night that someone was going to find us and, that it would be horrific,” she said.

“The deputies were so afraid of people shooting into the windows of the court house, that they were pushing us up against the wall, so that we couldn’t be seen by the people outside thinking at any second my life could be over.”

But Shellie said Zimmerman wasn’t there for her when she pleaded guilty to perjury on Aug. 28 for lying to the judge about the couple’s finances during her estranged husband’s bond hearing. Shellie said it was like she was “hung out to dry.”

And on the same day of the plea, Shellie told Good Morning America that she would have to “think about” staying married to her husband.