George W. Bush Showed Up for Jury Duty (and Posed for a Lot of Selfies)

"He was very personable, very friendly," a fellow juror said of former president George W. Bush

Photo: Stacie McChesney/NBC

When jury duty calls, even George W. Bush must answer.

The 43rd president put in an appearance at a Dallas courthouse on Wednesday, and although he was ultimately not chosen for a jury, he did fulfill another duty – having his picture taken with several other potential jurors, who promptly took to Twitter to display their photos.

One of the jurors, Sheri Coleman, told The Dallas Morning News that the former president’s “awesome” visit took everyone by surprise.

“They made it seem like it was an anonymous juror that never showed up and then they brought him in,” she says.

“He was very personable, very friendly, just [like], ‘Hey I’m here to serve.’ He asked questions and was very nice,” she adds. “I loved it.”

Bush, escorted by Secret Service agents, left after a few hours when he wasn’t chosen to serve on a jury panel.

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