Genevieve Kelley Prohibited from Seeing Daughter After Getting Out of Jail

Genevieve Kelley is prohibited from seeing her daughter, Mary

Photo: New Hampshire Department of Corrections/AP

Genevieve Kelley, who turned herself in to authorities on Nov. 17 after disappearing a decade ago with her daughter, has been released on $50,000 bail.

In 2004, Kelley, now 50, had accused her ex-husband Mark Nunes of sexually abusing their daughter, Mary. After authorities cleared him of the charges and ultimately gave him custody, Kelley, along with her husband, Scott, and Mary disappeared.

“Before we left, I told [Scott] that I didn’t expect him to go. That I would understand if he couldn’t,” Kelley said in an interview with the Boston Globe. “He said there was never a doubt in his mind.”

Once her daughter turned 18 and could no longer be forced to appear in family court, Kelley decided to turn herself in for several reasons – she wants to see her aging parents; she wants to practice medicine again; and she wants to get specialized medical care for her 9-year-old son, John, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

“As soon as she was released [from jail], she was reunited with her 9-year-old son,” Kelley’s attorney Alan Rosenfeld tells PEOPLE. She is currently living with her son in an undisclosed location, he says.

Kelley is expected to appear in front of a judge for a pre-trial hearing on Dec. 18. Due to conditions of her bail, she is not allowed to have contact with her daughter, who is still considered missing because she remains in hiding.

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