November 14, 2017 07:45 AM

There has been a fourth shooting in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa — but police cannot immediately confirm whether it’s part of a string of murders that may be the work of a serial killer.

The body of a man was found just after 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, a Tampa Police Department spokesperson tells PEOPLE. The victim had been shot just blocks from where three other shootings have occurred since Oct. 11.  Police would not immediately confirm any further details of the victim’s age, race or injuries.

Residents have been asked not to leave their homes nor send their children to school until the scene is cleared by police. Several blocks have been closed off, and more than 50 police vehicles are on the scene.

There are no suspects at this time, the spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

For the past month, Seminole Heights has been terrorized by three killings of people who seem to have no apparent link to each other. They were fatally shot within a half-mile of each other. Police believe the killings are related.


From left: Anthony Naiboa, Monica Hoffa, Benjamin Mitchell
Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay

The first victim, 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell, was fatally shot at approximately 9 p.m on Oct. 9 while waiting at a bus stop near his home. He was alone at the time. A police spokesperson said in a press conference that he was “a good person from a good family.”

Two days later, Monica Caridad Hoffa, 32, was shot and killed ten blocks away. Her body was found in a grassy plot of city-owned land. “Her life was taken from her with no motive,” her family wrote in an online obituary.

On Oct. 19, the third victim, Anthony Taino Naiboa, was shot just 100 yards away from where Mitchell was killed. Naiboa, 20, had autism and had accidentally taken the wrong bus home from work. At a vigil for Naiboa after his death, his father, Anthony, shared his anguish. “They killed him just for nothing,” he told the mourners. “Like he’s not a human, like he’s nothing.”

Police released surveillance video that was taken the night of the first shooting, depicting a man – described by authorities as a person of interest – dressed in a hooded sweatshirt running away from the neighborhood within seconds of the killing.

The video depicted the individual appearing to flip through his phone with his right hand while walking along an empty street.

Within a minute of the video, the person was seen running in long strides down the street.

Interim Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said detectives want to talk to the person in the video.

“I’ve come up with four reasons why this person is running,” he told reporters. “One, they may be late for dinner. Two, they’re out exercising. Three, they heard gunshots. And number four, they just murdered Benjamin Mitchell.”

Residents of Seminole Heights are hoping that someone will recognize the person of interest and call in a tip.

Police continue to investigate the killings, and a spokesperson tells PEOPLE that they are looking at numerous leads and tips, but the killer has yet to be found.

Authorities are offering a $41,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the killings. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 800-873-TIPS.

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