May 23, 2010 01:00 PM

Mexican officials investigating the unsolved murder of Monica Beresford-Redman say they have been unable to locate her husband, Bruce Beresford-Redman, for further questioning; however, his lawyer says the former Survivor producer has returned to United States.

Rodolfo Garcia – the deputy attorney general for Quintana Roo state – told the Associated Press on Friday that investigators have attempted to locate the producer for questioning twice and could not find him either time.

This is because Beresford-Redman has “returned to Los Angeles County to be with his children and to attend to family and personal matters,” his attorney Richard Hirsch tells PEOPLE.

“He has been informed that he has no legal obligation to remain in Mexico pending the investigation,” Hirsch said, noting that Beresford-Redman has not been charged with any crime.

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Authorities seized Beresford-Redman’s passport on April 8 after his wife’s body was discovered in a sewer near the Moon Palace Resort where the couple had been vacationing.

Beresford-Redman reported his wife missing two days before her body was found. He was not charged at that time but was considered to be a person of interest.

Friends told PEOPLE that the couple had been experiencing marital problems.

Victim’s Family Speaks

In a statement released Saturday, Monica Beresford-Redman’s family expressed their frustration with the investigation.

“For over a month, we have patiently waited for the Mexican authorities to take some action,” the family said. “Monica Burgos is an American citizen who was murdered over one month ago in Mexico and she deserves justice.”

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