"All I'm trying to do is raise my son," the former sitcom star Tweeted after his arrest on Wednesday

By K.c. Blumm
Updated March 26, 2015 11:30 PM
Credit: Getty

Darius McCrary, who starred in the ’90s sitcom Family Matters was arrested on Wednesday for not paying child support.

McCrary, 38, who played Eddie Winslow opposite Jaleel White’s Steve Urkel, was jailed because he was behind on payments, TMZ reports.

The actor, who most recently appeared on Charlie Sheen’s TV series Anger Management, appeared before a judge in Oakland County, Michigan, and was given the option to pay $5,500 in back support or remain in jail for 14 days. He chose to pay the money and, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, was released later that day.

After his release, McCrary posted a picture of Marin Luther King on Twitter on Thursday along with the comment, “If they did it to Dr. King Who am I?”

He followed it up with several other Tweets, including, “All I’m trying to do is raise my son #BeingDadIsNotAnOption,” and “Shot out & a BIG #salute 2 the Oakland county Sheriffs and All Fathers being wrongly persecuted #StayStrong U guys rock!!”

McCrary later shared a throwback pic of a pile of children’s clothes, shoes and a backpack, along with the caption, “School shopping 4 my son. Do anything 4that little guy, love him beyond measure. #Dad.”