Polk County Police
December 23, 2014 03:00 PM

Hiring a hitman can be expensive. Just ask Tanya Demirhan.

Police say the Lakeland, Florida, resident wanted her husband of 17 years to “go away,” so she did what any disgruntled wife would do: She hired someone to kill him.

Demirhan, 47, offered $10,000 to a man who authorities say was an undercover detective, ABC News reports.

The problem? She didn’t have the cash, so she offered up her business’s pizza delivery van instead, police say.

Demirhan signed an affidavit agreeing to pay the rest of the money and then sent the “hit man” on his way to kill her husband, telling him to “have fun,” according to Tampa Bay CBS affiliate WTSP.

On Saturday, cops pulled her over during a traffic stop and took her to the station, where they told her her husband, Atilla Demirhan, was dead.

“It’s too much, too much,” she says in a video released by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. “He said 2015 is going to be good.”

But then officers informed her the jig was up and introduced her to the detective who’d posed as the hit man.

Demirhan was charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder. She maintains her innocence and says she never met the detective in question.

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