A Florida judge recognized a defendant from a cruise the two had both been on the previous week

July 28, 2015 09:00 PM

For the second time in a month, Florida judge Mindy Glazer has recognized a defendant as someone she knew previously from outside the courtroom.

On Monday, Glazer presided over a hearing involving Alon Glenn, a 21-year-old man facing fraud charges in Georgia. Glazer immediately recognized Glenn as a fellow passenger on a cruise she’d been on. According to Miami’s WPLG News, Glazer saw Glenn get arrested when the ship arrived back in Florida.

“Isn’t that cool?” Glazer said to Glenn of the coincidence. “You had a nice cruise?”

Glenn responded that he had. “You didn’t see me dancing? I was the one dancing,” Glenn responded. Glazer said yes, she saw him participating in a poolside dance contest.

In the end, Glazer couldn’t set bond for Glenn because the warrant for his arrest orders that he be extradited to Georgia.

WPLG noted that Glazer was sympathetic to Glenn’s situation, however. “If he wanted to flee, he would [have] fled in – what was it? St. Maarten’s, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico?” Glazer said, naming the cruise’s destinations. “But he came back.”

You may remember Mindy Glazer as the Florida judge who on June 30 realized that Arthur Booth, the burglary suspect standing before her in court, was someone she’d known from her childhood. They’d grown up together, and Booth had a profound emotional reaction to seeing Glazer again – and realizing what different paths they’d taken.

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