Amber Dubois's murderer is a "monster," but at least he gave the family some closure, her father says

By Mike Fleeman
April 19, 2010 02:00 PM
Credit: AP

Maurice Dubois says his daughter Amber’s murderer has one, and only one, redeeming quality: He finally revealed where he left the 14-year-old’s body.

Sex offender John Gardner confessed last week to killing Amber in 2009 and another San Diego area girl, Chelsea King, 17, earlier this year. In announcing a plea deal that spared Gardner the death penalty, authorities disclosed it was Gardner who had led them to Amber’s remains last month.

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“Is he a monster? Of course. Did he ruin my life? Yes,” Maurice Dubois tells San Diego’s KGTV. “Did he allow my family to have closure and be able to bury our daughter? Yeah, he did. So, I would actually thank him for giving us the closure, and I wouldn t say anything else to him.”