Farrah Fawcett's Son to Enter Rehab Instead of Jail

Redmond O'Neal shows little emotion during his latest drug court appearance

Photo: Whittle/Splash News Online

As Farrah Fawcett continues to battle cancer, a court commissioner on Thursday gave her troubled son Redmond O’Neal a shot at avoiding further jail time by entering an inpatient rehab facility.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Jane Godfrey allowed O’Neal, 24, to enter the county’s drug court program, which will give him a break from future incarceration if he stays clean, attends his court appearances and does well in rehab.

O’Neal, who is currently in jail following his latest drug-related arrest, agreed to waive his keep-away status – given to celebrities for their protection – and to enter the jail’s general population. A court official said this was a formality, and O’Neal is likely to be moved soon to the treatment facility. His next court appearance is May 28.

Prosecutors warn that if he slips, he could get up to four years in prison.

In court, O’Neal nodded and said, “Thank you,” as the terms were set. There was no indication as to whether he might see his mother again. Last weekend, he was released for three hours to be at Fawcett’s side.

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