Three months after he disappeared, Kyron Horman of Oregon turns 8
Credit: FBI

The tradition continues of separate birthday parties for Kyron Horman, one thrown by his father and the other by his mother and her husband. But this year’s celebrations are missing the guest of honor.

Kyron Horman, who turned 8 on Thursday, vanished more than three months ago from his Portland, Ore.-area school. As the investigation continues and his classmates return to school this week, his mother Desiree Young still made plans for his Thursday night party.

“I’m hoping to do a slideshow of Kyron and his pictures, and play his favorite music, and we’re going to have cake,” says Young, who lives in Medford, five hours south of Portland. “We’re going to talk about our memories of Kyron and pray and have family there and just celebrate Kyron’s life.”

Kyron’s father Kaine Horman, who was divorced from Desiree in 2003, will have a separate celebration on Sunday in Portland at a family fun park.

“[We] play mini-golf, we’ve done his birthdays there before,” he says. “It’s probably some place we’d be doing his birthday again or bowling or swimming or something.”

This year, the boy’s stepmom Terri Moulton Horman won’t be a part of the festivities either. She helped raise Kyron since he was a toddler, but was reportedly the last person to see the boy. Since then, Kaine filed a restraining order along with divorce papers.