Stefan Jeremiah/REX USA
February 17, 2015 11:40 AM

A man who created a fake hedge fund to bankroll his dating pursuits, among other things, faked his death to avoid paying investors, authorities said Friday.

Starting in 2011, Moazzam “Mark” Malik, 33, allegedly robbed investors of nearly $850,000 by saying his funds were outperforming by more than 200 percent, according to the New York Post.

But his funds never made “real investments and never held more than $90,177 in assets as Malik continually withdrew the cash and spent it as his own,” the SEC said, Business Insider reports.

When Malik’s investors came calling, they were allegedly told that he had died of a heart attack, according to USA Today.

A former NYPD traffic agent and security guard, Malik could only claim to be experienced in the financial field because he had worked as a trainee at a consulting firm, the Post reports.

“By pretending to be a successful hedge-fund manager, Malik conned investors into bankrolling his lavish lifestyle, said Andrew M. Calamari, director of the SEC s New York Regional Office.

“Besides luxury travel, dining and jewelry, investor funds paid for Malik’s continuing-education courses at Harvard and his subscription to a matrimonial matching website,” Calamari added.

They have filed a complaint against Malik in Manhattan federal court. He is being held on $1 million bail.

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