Faith Lindsey, 17, of Pauls Valley, has been missing since early November

By KC Baker
November 25, 2019 04:39 PM
Faith Lindsey
Credit: Facebook

Authorities are searching for an Oklahoma teen who’s been missing since early November.

On Nov. 4, the family of Faith Lindsey, 17, of Pauls Valley, reported her missing, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), local stations KXII, Oklahoma News 4 and The Shawnee News-Star report.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” her sister, Justice Lindsey, told Oklahoma News 4. “This isn’t like Faith at all.”

Lindsey was living with her boyfriend in Pauls Valley when she went missing, Justice told the station.

On Nov. 4, Lindsey’s boyfriend “texted me…saying that he can’t find her, she’s missing, freaking out,” Justice told News 4.

Shortly after, Justice started receiving texts from Faith’s phone with odd messages that just didn’t feel right, she says.

“She was misspelling a lot of things that night,” Justice told News 4. “She has very good punctuation and spelling, and that just wasn’t her.”

One of the messages indicated that Faith was with someone who wouldn’t take her home and that she couldn’t get a ride home, Justice told the outlet.

Justice also received phone calls from Faith’s phone for a while after she went missing.

“She kept trying to call me a lot, but hang up as soon as I answered,” Justice told News 4. “I have a gut feeling something did happen to her.”

The calls seemed “kind of suspicious,” Justice’s boyfriend Dontae Perry told the outlet.

Based on leads found by the OSBI, Faith could possibly be in Seminole, Garvin or Pontotoc counties, according to Oklahoma News 4.

Since Faith went missing, authorities and local volunteers have been looking for her in Pauls Valley, which is about an hour south of Oklahoma City.

On Saturday, about 50 volunteers searched for her in a 100-acre stretch of land behind an apartment complex in Pauls Valley, local station KXII reports.

“It makes my heart feel good to see people come out and help us out,” Jesse Lindsey, Faith’s grandfather, told KXII.

He says she is a shy teen with a 4.0 GPA who likes helping others, KXII reports.

Faith’s family hopes she is found soon.

“I really hope that she’s safe,” Justice told News 4.

A spokeswoman from the OSBI tells PEOPLE there is no update on the case.

Faith is described as 5 feet 4 inches tall and 115 lbs., with long brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone who has seen Faith or has any information about her whereabouts is encouraged to contact the OSBI at (800) 522-8017 or