Everything We Know About the London Terror Attack So Far

Seven people died and 48 injured in Sunday night's terrorist attack that began at London Bridge

England is reeling once again as a terrorist attack struck central London for the second time in three months, and less than two weeks after the deadly attack in Manchester.

The latest violence has left seven people dead and at least 48 people injured. Read on to learn everything we know (so far) about the attack that has the world grieving.

What happened?

According to the BBC, police said the attack began at 9:58 p.m. when a rented van entered the north side of London Bridge, careening into the pavement and striking several people before coming to a stop at the other end of the bridge near Barroway and Banker pub.

According to U.K.’s The Independent, eyewitnesses told police three people seemingly exited the van and began attacking people with knives as they ran toward nearby Borough Market, a busy section of central London.

“They were running up shouting, ‘This is for Allah.’ They stabbed this girl maybe 10 times, 15 times,” witness Gerard Vowls told the BBC.

Dominic Lipinski/PA/AP

The suspects then wreaked havoc for several terrifying minutes, entering several pubs and restaurants while stabbing as many people as they could reach.

The carnage ended after eight minutes when police shot dead all the suspects, Metropolitan Police confirmed. Authorities said they fired an “unprecedented” 50 shots at the men, who were wearing fake suicide vests.

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/AP

The victims

Seven people died in the attack, and their identities have not yet been released. However, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that a Canadian is among the dead.

“Canada strongly condemns the senseless attack that took place last night in London, United Kingdom, which killed and injured many innocent people. I am heartbroken that a Canadian is among those killed,” Trudeau said in his statement.

Twenty-one of the 48 people injured are listed in critical condition, reports The Guardian. The BBC reports that four French citizens, two Germans and two Australian citizens are among those affected by the tragedy.

The heroes

Numerous heroes emerged in the hours after the attacks. One woman is being praised for bravely attempting to barricade the door of the Black and Blue restaurant while patrons escaped out a back entrance. A taxi driver who picked up some of the people who escaped spoke to the media about her heroism.

“She managed to hold the door for a few seconds, but they overpowered her. They managed to escape through the rear door, possibly saving a good 20 peoples’ lives,” Aksha Patel told Sky News, per Wales Online.

Others fought back by throwing objects including pint glasses, tables and chairs at the terrorists as they burst into restaurants and pubs as people were enjoying a Saturday night out.

Dominic Lipinski/PA/AP

A man named Gerard who had been watching the Champions League soccer final at the Ship pub in Borough Market told The Guardian of howhe fought back against the attackers. “I threw something at them, maybe like a stool, a chair,” he said. “Then they ran towards me to try and stab me so I ran away because I knew if I would have slipped over I would be a dead man, I’d be dead, I’d have been killed there and then.”

A taxi driver identified only as Chris told LBC radio that he attempted to ram his cab at one of the terrorists after he watched them unleash their attack on London Bridge.

“I said to the guy in my cab I was going to try to hit him, I was going to ram him. I turned around and tried, but he side-stepped me,” he said.

“I told people to turn around and run away. It sickened me to the pit of my stomach. An absolute animal,” he also said.

After the attack, other Good Samaritans offered up their homes to people stranded after the attack, and people were spotted plastering the area around London Bridge with signs that included the hashtags #TurntoLove, #ForLondon, #ISISwillLose #LoveWillWin.

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