Palmer worked with Andrews at ESPN

By Harriet Sokmensuer
Updated March 03, 2016 04:15 PM
Robin Marchant/Getty

brightcove.createExperiences(); Jesse Palmer, the ESPN football analyst who formerly played in the NFL and starred on The Bachelor, testified on Thursday that Erin Andrews was “more reserved” after a secretly recorded nude video vent viral in 2009, but said her professional performance during broadcasts was “impressive.”

“I remember thinking it was almost seamless,” Palmer, who testified for the defense and worked with Andrews at ESPN broadcasting college football games, said of Andrews’s first time back on camera. He said he watched her do her job as a football sideline reporter “with amazement.”

Andrews, who now works for Fox Sports, previously testified she read from a script that first time back because the experience was so emotionally charged.

Palmer appeared in court during the trial for the sportscaster’s $75 million civil suit against the Marriot Nashville. In 2008, Andrews was secretly taped in her hotel room by Michael David Barrett, a former delivery truck driver who earlier testified that his motivation was financial and that he was “not proud” of what he had done.”

Palmer testified that after the incident, Andrews travelled to and from games with security guards and had security near her while reporting on the field. However, Palmer testified that Andrews felt the most comfortable when she would spend time either in meetings or at dinners with her team.

“We were pretty close,” Palmer said. “She was going to try and be normal by being around the people that cared about her.”

Palmer said he and his colleagues were shocked when they heard the video had been released.

“‘Can you believe what happened?'” Palmer recalled he and his colleagues saying. “They were trying to explain to me what had happened, trying to figure out what the situation was, how the person did it, where were we? It seemed pretty unbelievable.”

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Palmer testified that after he had heard about the video he became more aware of Andrew’s emotions and that he avoided bringing the video up to her because it “could trigger an emotional reaction.”

“I don’t know if I’d say I thought she was more emotional but certainly I was [more] sensitive to that.”

The former New York Giants backup quarterback said Andrews is “definitely outgoing and got a great personality,” but he said she’s “what I consider to be emotional.”

Palmer said while on camera Andrews seemed to be confident, but off camera she was more reserved.

“Off camera I thought she was a little bit more quiet and little bit more reserved,” Palmer testified. “I remember telling [our team members] I can’t believe she did as well as she did.'”

Palmer: Andrews Went on Dancing With the Stars To ‘Cope’ With Emotions from Video

When asked about Andrews’ popularity, Palmer said, “She was very well respected” for her professionalism and knowledge of sports. He added that he believes she’s also “very attractive physically.”

Palmer was also asked by defense attorneys whether he thought Andrews ever wore anything “provocative.”

“I think she’s very confident in how she looks,” Palmer answered. He then said he wouldn’t use the word “proactive” to describe her outfits.

In 2009, Andrews was asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars, which Palmer says helped Andrews cope with the video going viral.

“[Andrews] felt this was going to be a way for her to cope with what had happened. She thought it would help her recover from what had happened.”

On Monday, Andrews testified saying she is still haunted by the nude video Barrett secretly filmed of her through a hotel peephole.

“I think about it every day,” Andrews testified. “One of the worst thoughts I have is when I walk around a stadium … there’s always that thought, as I walk right by the stands, and I think, ‘My God, everyone in this stadium has seen that video.'”

Michael David Barrett, a former delivery truck driver, secretly shot the video while staying in the room adjacent to Andrews. Andrews contends that she would have called authorities had she known that Barrett requested a room next to hers.

“The Nashville Marriott could have just called me and said, ‘We’re putting this man that requested to be next to you [next door]: Is this okay?’ And I could have called the cops and we could have