The 22-year-old was killed by her ex-boyfriend on her birthday while working at Nordstrom in Chicago

By Caitlin Keating
Updated December 03, 2014 05:00 PM
Credit: Facebook

When a 22-year-old University of Chicago student went to work at Nordstrom on Black Friday last week, which also happened to be her birthday, it should have just been a busy day at work followed by quality time with her family.

Instead, while working in the accessories department, her ex-boyfriend walked in, “exchanged words” with her, shot her and then turned the gun on himself, authorities say, according to ABC.

What has now come to light are court documents that reveal that the killer, Marcus Dee, 31, had a long history of reported abuse with the victim, Nadia Ezaldein, and that she was too scared to file an order of protection.

Dee and Ezaldein’s sister, Nagah, made allegations where they both sought protective orders against the other in domestic violence court.

On April 7 of this year, Dee filed a no-contact order against Nagah.

“[Nagah] told [Nadia] that she will come here [to Chicago] to get me arrested, put a restraining order on me to get me kicked out the army,” he wrote in the petition. “She then called me and threatened to have her brother kill me.”

She also “called and left me a threatening voice mail indicating that I’m a dead motherf—er.”

The judge, Cynthia Ramirez, denied the petition.

Just one day later, on April 8, Nagah filed a petition on her sister’s behalf.

One of her complaints was that “he physically abused my sister, cracked her ribs, punched her jaw and fractured it, ripped all of her clothing, stabbed her jacket with a switch knife, ripped her boots, and bruised her lip.”

He also and most alarming, allegedly “put a gun in her mouth.”

“Is there something wrong with her?” Judge Caroline Moreland was quoted asking Nagah at the April 8 hearing.

“Yeah, she’s being threatened by her ex-boyfriend,” Nagah said.

When the judge asked her if there was something that was physically barring her from coming to court, Nagah told her no, but that “she’s scared to come here.”

Nagah was told that whoeever the person is being stalked has to be physically present.

“Okay. She has to file this. She has to come here,” Moreland said. “Certain legal procedures have to be followed. Okay?”

The petition was then dismissed.

Ezaldein started dating Dee in August 2012 after meeting him through her older sister’s roommate, family members told The Chicago Tribune. They said Dee physically abused her throughout the relationship.