Jesus Armando Escobar was able to walk out of the van on his own.

By Christine Pelisek
July 15, 2017 04:42 PM
Florida Highway Patrol

An Orlando driver is lucky to be alive.

On Saturday morning, a Mack truck driver hauling scrap metal was driving westbound on the State Road 528 exit to Interstate 4 when he lost control of his truck, struck the guardrail and overturned.

As the truck tipped over, a large metal pipe tumbled off the overpass and landed on top of 36-year-old Jesus Armando Escobar’s Pontiac van, crushing it.

“Another foot to the left and he would be dead,” Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Kim Montes tells PEOPLE. “He had no idea. He didn’t see it coming. It came down right in the middle of his van. It is miraculous he didn’t get more than a scratch on his face.”

Florida Highway Patrol

Montes says Escobar was able to walk out of the van on his own. “He wasn’t trapped or anything,” she says.

Montes is thankful there wasn’t anyone in the passenger seat. “If there had been any passenger that passenger would have been dead,” she says.

Escobar was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center and has since been released.

The truck driver, 33-year-old Antonio Santiago Wharton, was uninjured and ticketed for careless driving.

Florida Highway Patrol

Montes say the ramp has been the site of numerous accidents and fatalities.

“We have had so many crashes there,” she says. ” They take the ramp too fast, hit the guardrail and end up overturning. We have had a couple of fatalities from semis doing that.”

Luckily, not this time.

“I think everybody is just amazed,” says Montes. “In my 23 years this is in the top 3 when you look at a crash and someone survives.”