V. Stiviano must return a lump sum, as well as a lavish duplex, to the former L.A. Clippers owner's wife, Shelly Sterling

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated April 15, 2015 01:45 PM
oah Graham/NBAE/Getty

The fallout from Donald Sterling’s 2014 career-ending racist remarks continued Tuesday, as his wife was victorious over Sterling’s alleged mistress V. Stiviano in court, according to USA Today.

Shelly Sterling, who has been married to the former Los Angeles Clippers owner for 51 years, alleged that Stiviano seduced her husband into giving her property and lavish gifts during their relationship.

The Los Angeles Superior Court ruled that Stiviano, 31, must return $800,000 given to her in cash and luxury cars by the disgraced millionaire, as well as surrender a $1.8 million duplex. The judge ruled that Stiviano and Sterling plotted to hide the lavish gifts from Shelly Sterling.

Stiviano first came into the public eye in April 2014 when an audio recording of Sterling making racially charged comments to her was obtained by TMZ. In the tape, the real estate magnate can be heard telling Stiviano she couldn’t “bring black people to his games.” The release led the billionaire to be banned for life from the NBA, ordered to pay a $2.5 million fine and forced to sell the Clippers.

At the time, Stiviano told ABC’s 20/20 that the released conversation was one of many instances when Sterling exhibited racist behavior.

“Part of what the world heard was only 15 minutes. There’s a number of other hours that the world doesn’t know,” Stiviano told Barbara Walters.

During the trial, Stiviano and Sterling denied engaging in a sexual relationship, despite Shelly Sterling’s assumptions, according to The Washington Post. Originally, Shelly Sterling sought $3.6 million from Stiviano, but lawyers later reduced the claim to $2.8 million. All was rewarded back to her, save for $200,000, which Judge Richard Fruin Jr. said he had no credible evidence to support.