Linking the actress to the London heist is "defamatory, false and unfair," her mom tells PEOPLE

By David Caplan
June 18, 2009 03:50 PM
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Forget the missing London jewels for a moment: Lindsay Lohan‘s mom worries her daughter has been robbed of her peace of mind.

“Last month her personal cell was posted online and now her phone messages have been hacked,” Dina Lohan tells PEOPLE. “This must stop. She is a 22-year-old girl who needs to live her life in peace. The tabloids need to leave her alone with all the lies and reporting with no proof.”

Specifically, Dina says any suggestion her daughter is involved in the theft of jewelry during a recent photo shoot for British Elle is “defamatory, false and unfair.” Lindsay is one of some 20 people at the shoot who are being questioned by police and has never been called a suspect. What’s more, “Elle made a public statement backing Lindsay,” Dina says.

Lindsay, says Dina, recently spent time quality time with her family in the meantime on Long Island. “Lindsay has been home with me and her family for awhile now, celebrating her little brother [Cody’s] confirmation and his 13th birthday.”

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