She says the handbag was borrowed – but it looks like one she bragged about on Twitter weeks ago

By Mark Gray
September 02, 2010 04:25 PM
Courtesy Paris Hilton; Inset: Splash News Online

About a month and a half ago, Paris Hilton couldn’t help but brag about her sparkly new designer handbag.

“Love My New Chanel Purse I got Today. :),” she wrote on her Twitter page under a photo of the purse.

That Tweet may now being coming back to haunt her.

A photo of the heiress during the traffic stop just prior to her arrest last weekend in Las Vegas shows Hilton clutching a black Chanel purse that looks very similar to the one she swooned over on Twitter.

When a small baggie of cocaine allegedly fell out of her purse, she told police that she borrowed it from a friend.