Police still aren't sure if Heidi Broussard left on her own with her baby, or if foul play was involved
Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter, Margot Carey
Credit: Austin Police Department

A detective from the Austin Police Department told reporters Tuesday the search for missing mom Heidi Broussard and her newborn daughter Margot Carey continues — and that while a person of interest has not been identified, “everything is possible right now.”

According to Detective Brad Herries, investigators are seeking the public’s help in finding Broussard and her baby. Herries urged people to call in if they have any information on the mother and child, who were reported missing Dec. 12 around 7:30 p.m.

He asked that tips be phoned in to (512) 974-5250.

Herries said the Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined the search for the pair, as have the Texas Rangers and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

At this point, Herries explained, detectives have no reason to believe Broussard, 33, and baby Margot, born three weeks ago, were harmed.

“We are still looking for them in a search-and-recovery manner,” Herries told reporters. “Our assumption is that they are alive, so the sooner we can find them, the better.”

According to Herries, authorities believe Broussard returned to the Austin apartment she shares with her fiancé, Shane Carey, on the morning of Dec. 12, after dropping her older child off at school.

Detectives, Herries added, have been working the case around-the-clock, and the department is looking into the numerous tips it has received. But beyond that, Herries couldn’t say much.

“This is an ongoing current investigation, so we are not talking about any persons of interest,” he explained. “There is no person of interest right now. We are exploring every avenue, working every angle — everything is possible right now.”

Herries acknowledged police still do not know if Broussard left with the baby on her own, or if foul play is involved, saying either scenario is plausible.

Herries would not discuss previous 911 calls made from the home, as they were part of the ongoing investigation.

Officers are stationed at the Austin apartment complex, and detectives have been canvassing the surrounding area for any video surveillance footage that may lead to concrete answers.

Herries said police were speaking to Broussard’s family, friends and co-workers in an effort to gain some understanding of what happened to her.

Last week, Carey spoke to KTBC and said he was feeling helpless about his missing fiancée and daughter.

Shane Carey
Shane Carey

“That’s the worst feeling in the world,” Carey told KTBC. “Not knowing what to do is the hardest part. I don’t know where she’s at, I don’t know if she is suffering. I just want to do more. It feels like we could do more.”

Carey described the mother of his baby girl as “beautiful” and “loving,” and called the circumstances surrounding her disappearance “weird.”

“She’s a great mom, she needs to be back,” Carey said, before calling his baby Margot “the sweetest … she has the cutest little pucker lips … gorgeous little baby.”

Broussard was last seen dropping her 6-year-old son off at Cowan Elementary School in Austin.

Carey, in his interview, said he returned to their home around 2 p.m. after working all morning and found Broussard’s car in the driveway — her purse still in the car.

Carey claimed he went inside, found the baby’s car seat and Broussard’s keys and thought nothing of it at first, believing she was at a friend’s house nearby.

But as the hours passed, and he was still unable to reach Broussard by phone, Carey said he called all her friends, who also hadn’t heard from her. That’s when he called 911.

Carey said he has been with Broussard for 10 years. She has a son from a previous marriage.

Broussard is described as 5′ 3″ and weighs 150 pounds. She has long, dark brown hair with highlights.

Carey is a newborn who weighs 7 pounds and 7 ounces. She is 22 inches long.

In the interview, Carey said he’s aware that people may be casting a suspicious eye in his direction.

“I just pretty much ignore that,” he explained. “I know it’s a question. I don’t … I don’t know, I just ignore it. It’s not true. It’s negative.”

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He asks that anyone who thinks they may have seen his fiancée and daughter call 911.

“She’s a great person,” he said. “She needs to be back. Her son needs her, I need her — her family needs her.”