Deadliest Catch's Jake Harris was attacked and beaten on Saturday night

By Natalie Stone
November 15, 2016 05:24 PM

Two suspects were arrested in Spokane, Washington, after allegedly robbing and attacking former Deadliest Catch cast member Jake Harris, according to KHQ.

Harris was hospitalized after he was “left for dead,” PEOPLE confirms.

Amanda Ritter, 30, and Jorel Fultz, 29, were arrested on first-degree robbery charges and remain in the Spokane County Jail, according to KHQ reporter Patrick Erickson.

On Saturday around 8 p.m., officers at Everett Police Department in Washington state received a call from a passerby that a man — identified by Deadliest Catch cast member Josh Harris as his younger brother on Facebook — was injured on the side of the road.

According to Everett officer Aaron Snell, Jake got into a car with two or three unidentified people at the nearby Quill Ceda Creek Casino. After entering the vehicle, an altercation broke out and Jake had personal property stolen. At some point during the evening, the vehicle stopped on the side of road and Jake exited.

After officers arrived, he was provided medical aid and medical staff determined that “he was alert, conscious, answering questions and breathing,” Snell tells PEOPLE.

Snell tells PEOPLE that Jake declined to be transported to the hospital and was taken home by an officer. Upon arriving home, residents at his house took him to the hospital where he was admitted to the ICU.

“I have some terrible news today. My brother was jumped last night and some individuals decided to beat him pretty good, which is a terrible, terrible thing,” Josh said in a Facebook live video.

“I have located these people and talked with him — he’s in ICU right now. Some individuals beat him to the point where it cracked his skull from his forehead all the way back to where you would be balding as an individual,” he continued. “My brother is bleeding out of his brain currently.”

“They literally beat my brother, left him for dead, threw him out of a moving vehicle onto the side of the freeway,” Josh said in the video. “Luckily the people that were behind the vehicle that he got thrown out of ended up seeing my brother and called 911.”

“Please join us in wishing Jake Harris the best with his recovery,” Deadliest Catch posted on Facebook.

Snell tells PEOPLE that police are actively working the robbery investigation with Jake and his family.