The Friends star's security cameras recorded an attempted robbery gone wrong on Memorial Day
Credit: Jeff Schear/Getty

Watch out, criminals – he’ll be there for you.

Friends star David Schwimmer used his residual checks for good Memorial Day weekend, helping police investigate an alleged stabbing that occurred outside his Manhattan home.

The crime took place in the early hours of Monday morning, when a three-person dispute turned violent on Schwimmer’s block. According to the New York Daily News‘ sources, the altercation arose after Schwimmer’s next-door neighbor and a prostitute were surprised by a thief attempting to steal the neighbor’s computer – the neighbor pulled a box cutter, only to lose to the intruder, who slashed him in the face.

The fight spilled out into the street, where it was captured by Schwimmer’s security cameras.

The Friends star shared the footage with the NYPD, who later arrested 21-year-old Ronert Rainey on charges of robbery and assault, among others. Neither the victim nor the prostitute’s names have been revealed.

Friends premiered in 1994, the same year New York City’s crime rate began a precipitous decline that continues into the present day. It just goes to show – Gotham will be safe from criminals as long as Ross Gellar is around.

Unless, of course, he is on a break.

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