Other charges against Cassidy include driving with an expired tag, according to reports.
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David Cassidy, who starred in the seventies sitcom The Partridge Family, has been charged for leaving the scene of a car accident, multiple reports confirm.

The Associated Press reports the charges are a result of Cassidy fleeing the scene of a crash that occurred last month in Florida. He has also been charged with driving with an expired tag.

Police told The Sun Sentinel that Cassidy, 65, sideswiped a truck before attempting to cover his license plate as he drove away from the scene with a flat tire. Authorities add that witnesses identified the former teen star during a photo lineup.

Charges were filed on Wednesday, AP reports.

Jason Forman, who’s representing Cassidy, weighed in on the charges telling AP that the police report is full of inconsistencies. Forman said that his client gave the appropriate information, including his driver’s license and registration, before he left the scene.

A court hearing is reportedly scheduled for Oct. 27

PEOPLE contacted representatives for Cassidy, who were unable to comment on the matter.

The charges aren’t Cassidy’s first go-around with the law. In 2013 the actor was arrested for DWI in New York . Three years before that arrest he was taken into custody for a DWI in Florida.