Police say Cynthia Anderson killed the puppy in order to board a plane

By Christine Pelisek
January 28, 2015 02:15 PM
Hall County Jail; Martin Harvey/Getty

A Florida woman was arrested last week for allegedly drowning a two-week old Doberman mix puppy in a toilet in a Nebraska airport so she could catch a flight.

Grand Island Police Captain Dean Elliott tells PEOPLE that 56-year-old Cynthia V. Anderson of Edgewater, Florida arrived at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport last Thursday with two adult Yorkie terriers and three young puppies but was denied access to her flights because the puppies were too young and not in crates.

Elliott says Anderson gave two of the puppies to her parents and returned to the airport the following afternoon with the two older dogs and one of the puppies concealed in her carry-on bag.

“The TSA stopped her again and refused to let her board,” he says.

A witness then saw Anderson taking her dogs and luggage to the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, another woman found the dead puppy in the toilet.

“They actually pulled the dog out of the bowl,” Elliott says. “They found water in the dog’s lungs which is indicative of the dog drowning. We believe she drowned the dog and tried to get back on the plane.”

Elliott says Anderson was arrested for animal cruelty before she was able to board her flight to Dallas.

“I don t know what her rush was to leave,” he says. “All she had to do is say ‘Hey, I have to go, I can’t take care of the puppy, can you call the Humane Society?’ They would have taken possession of the dog. She chose other means and because of that she is in jail. Why someone would think that it is okay to drown a 2-week-old puppy and try to flush it, I just don t know.”