Authorities then formally drop charges against the Oscar-winning actor

By Mike Fleeman
August 03, 2012 12:25 PM
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

A New Orleans female bartender who says she was shoved by Cuba Gooding Jr. won’t press charges over a disruption that may have started when other restaurant patrons wanted pictures with the actor.

“While we continue to investigate this matter internally, we are hopeful that this will put an end to the matter,” says Old Absinthe House spokeswoman Carolyn Pierce, according to the Associated Press.

Without a complainant, authorities formally dropped charges on Friday.

Gooding, 44, who is in New Orleans filming The Butler about the White House butler who served eight presidents, was temporarily the subject of an arrest warrant on a misdemeanor charge of municipal battery.

The bartender told police the Oscar-winning actor – upset after people starting asking him to pose for pictures around 3 a.m. Tuesday – pushed her when she asked him to calm down. He pushed her again when she told him to leave, she said.

By the time police arrived, Gooding was gone. The arrest warrant was later lifted and Gooding’s rep called the incident a “misunderstanding.”