An Instagram account is hardly the best accessory to a crime
Credit: Pacific Grove Police Department

Well into the 21st century as we are, there are certain technological pitfalls in the criminal profession that weren’t in place a few years back.

For example, few criminals in the 1950s were undone by their love of or enthusiasm for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr?

(Actually we can’t really think of any criminals undone by Tumblr, but there’s got to be at least one.)

In “honor” of the arrest of Victor Almanza-Martinez, who posed for a Snapchat selfie with one of his robbery victims, we’re taking a look back at some criminals whose thirst for attention outweighed their aptitude for crime.

Levi Charles Reardon

Reardon, wanted for theft and forgery, was so taken with his wanted poster on the Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers Facebook page that he “liked” it. He was arrested a few weeks later.

Christopher Wallace

Wallace may share a name with the Notorious B.I.G., but any similarities end there. The 22-year-old was arrested in March while Snapchatting his whereabouts (he was currently hiding in a cupboard from police, who were searching his home at the time). That was actually his second incriminating post to the platform – his first was kind enough to inform police that he was at home in the first place.

John Mogan

Mogan already made the poor decision of getting face and neck tattoos, which aren’t the most helpful accessories for bank robbers, but he also posed for numerous photos with the loot from his alleged haul, along with his girlfriend, Ashley Duboe. Needless to say, they were arrested shortly after his pictures hit the web.

Wanda Podgurski

Wanda Podgurski was on the run in 2013 from U.S. Marshals after scamming six insurance companies out of nearly $700,000 in 2006. While on the lam, she thought it would be a good idea to tweet “catch me if you can” after skipping bail. She was later caught in Mexico.

Logan Rhys James

James was wanted by police in conjunction with a knifing in the U.K. when he thought it would be a good idea to taunt the Gwent police on their own Facebook page. Like Podgurski, he also went with “Catch me if you can,” appending the taunt with “won’t see me slipping.” He was arrested two days after making his post.

Andrew Dale Marcum

Much like James, Marcum taunted police via Facebook (writing “I ain’t tripping half of them don’t even know me”), though he had the distinction of also having his FB profile picture included in his “wanted picture” roundup. He turned himself in the next day.

Whitney Beall

Beall, then 23, allegedly Periscoped herself drunk-driving, making sure to inform the world how (allegedly) drunk she was. There’s really not much more we can say about this one.

Michael Baker

On Friday, Michael Baker’s girlfriend took a picture of him siphoning gas from a police cruiser while flipping the bird. On Monday, he was arrested. In between, you can probably guess what happened – a Facebook post.

Tavion Spignor, Leroy Jackson and Malek Morgan

In 2013, these three men, plus an unnamed underage accomplice, allegedly stole some credit cards, spent $120 on Carl’s Jr, and then documented it on Instagram. They were arrested shortly thereafter. As Nate Jones wrote in the original post, “at least they ate well.”