Court Date Looms for Chris Brown

He's scheduled for arraignment Thursday in the alleged assault on Rihanna, though it may be delayed

Photo: Marco Vitchi/Abaca

Almost a month after Rihanna was allegedly assaulted in a domestic violence case, Chris Brown has yet to be formally charged with any crime by prosecutors.

But he does have a standing court date Thursday in Los Angeles, and may be required to personally appear at the arraignment depending on whether the District Attorney’s Office files a case against him.

Or not. The court date could be delayed pending more review: The DA could take more time to mull over the evidence or hand the case to the City Attorney for less serious charges.

Brown, 19, was arrested Feb. 8 after an alleged altercation with Rihanna, 21, in Los Angeles the morning before the Grammy Awards. Police booked him on a felony criminal threat charge, set an arraignment for Thursday, and launched an investigation.

Among the possible scenarios Thursday:

• The DA could charge him with any number of felonies, among them, domestic violence and making criminal threats, each carrying a maximum three years in state prison. They could also file a combination of felonies and misdemeanors.

• If charged with a felony, Brown will be required to personally show in court and could enter a plea.

• If the DA doesn’t file a case against him Thursday, Brown will not be required to show, and would be notified to return to court at a later date.

• The DA could decline to file formal charges, and refer the case to the City Attorney’s office for misdemeanor review, which could take days or weeks.

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