Police are investigating the Iowa pair's claim that they found weed in their McDouble cheeseburgers last month

Some would call it a really Happy Meal, but a couple in Iowa weren’t smiling when they found what they believe was marijuana in their McDonald’s burgers last month.

Police are investigating the pair’s claim that they found the pot between the patties of two McDouble cheeseburgers they bought at an Ottumwa, Iowa, McDonald’s on April 26, The Des Moines Register reports.

After taking at least one bite each, the man and woman (who KCCI reports is pregnant) noticed the plant material, which looked and smelled like marijuana, Ottumwa Police Lt. Jason Bell said.

The engaged couple went back to the restaurant and told management about it and then contacted the police department.

Bell said that the substance “appears to be consistent with marijuana” and police are sending it to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation for further testing, but results won’t be available for at least a month.

Police are trying to determine how the material got into the burgers and are looking at everyone from the employees at the restaurant to the couple who reported the problem.

Reached for comment by USA Today on Tuesday, a manager at the McDonald’s said the restaurant had no comment on the case and then hung up the phone.