The singer and his girlfriend are jailed for domestic assault

Country music singer Chris Cagle and his girlfriend are awaiting release from a Nashville jail following an early Wednesday morning arrest on domestic assault charges.

Nashville police say the couple were drinking at a local bar, and a verbal argument turned into a physical fight when they returned to their apartment. Police responded at 4:40 a.m. and said that Cagle’s girlfriend, Jennifer Tant, 29, hit Cagle in the head with an umbrella, while Cagle, 39, struck her with a purse. According to a police affidavit, Cagle told police “the location was his house, he was not leaving and that [Tant] needed to leave and get out of his life.”

The report says Tant suffered a scrape on her upper left lip and a sore arm, while Cagle had a raised area on the right side of his head, and that “both parties went from being compliant with the officers to being disorderly on numerous occasions.”

The two will be held in jail for at least 12 hours, after which they’ll each be required to post $1,500 bond, according to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

Cagle, who recently scored a No. 3 country hit with “What Kinda Gone” off his latest album, the aptly titled My Life’s Been a Country Song, is no stranger to dramatic headlines. He was arrested last year for punching an aggressive autograph seeker’s boyfriend in the face in Tucson, Ariz. A few years back, he discovered that the baby a previous girlfriend was carrying was not his. Still, in February he told CMT that his life was back on track: “It’s cool, it’s good, I’m fine, I’m OK. … I’ve got a girlfriend now who’s a great girl.”

Cagle, whose legion of fans call themselves Cagleheads, is scheduled to perform Friday at the Ocala, Fla., Midnight Rodeo.