A spokeswoman for the San Francisco Police Department says the incident is being investigated

A San Francisco police officer was caught on camera in two separate videos trying to shove a man in a wheelchair into the street on Sunday.

The disabled man, identified as Bo Frierson, was reportedly confronting the cops because they had detained one of his relatives, according to CBS San Francisco.

In response, according to the video, an officer tries to shove Frierson away, pushing him into the street. He only doesn’t fall out of the chair because he appears to be strapped in. A man comes running to help him once he sees what’s happening.

“I’m not a threat to anybody,” Frierson told ABC7.

“He dumped me out, you see, a couple of times. Lucky for the seatbelt. Everyone wear your seat belts.

“What if I were to just fall on my face?” he added. “I could have died.”

A spokeswomen for the San Francisco police tells PEOPLE that the officers stopped their vehicle because they saw a “heated verbal argument” taking place.

“Officers exited vehicle to investigate what was happening,” the spokeswoman said. She went on to say that the cops advised Frierson not to approach them.

The person who uploaded the clip to Facebook has identified himself as Edwardo Delacruz and claims he is a cousin of the men in the video.

In an interview with TheFreeThoughtProject.com, Delacruz said that his cousins were just “joking around.”

In the video the cop, who has been identified by the police as Officer Carrasco, says Frierson ran over his foot. But Delacruz disputes this claim.

“If you look at the video, he doesn’t jump or react in a way that a person [would] who just had their foot ran over,” he said. “He said that when he realized he was being filmed.”

But the police say Carrasco was indeed injured, adding that he lost his cool with the man after his foot was hurt.

“Everyone who has their foot run over might lose their composure,” the spokeswoman told PEOPLE.

The incident is being investigated by Internal Affairs. Frierson told ABC7 he plans to file a formal complaint against Carrasco.