Constantine Maroulis Arrested for Second Time in a Week, Set to Appear in Court as Ex Accuses Him of Cheating

The American Idol alum was first arrested on Wednesday for domestic violence

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Constantine Maroulis was arrested on Sunday – the second time in a week for the American Idol alum.

Maroulis, 39, was first arrested on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting Angel Reed, his longtime girlfriend and mother of 4½-year-old daughter Malena, in their Wyckoff, New Jersey home.

On Sunday, Reed, 34, reported Maroulis for violating the order of protection she placed against him by sending her emails, Reed’s attorney, Steve Mandel, tells PEOPLE in a statement.

A rep for Maroulis confirms his client’s re-arrest, but said the singer “accidentally emailed Reed, which broke the restraining order. He was arrested and immediately released.”

The statement from Reed’s lawyer reveals additional details about the cause of last week’s incident. “The initial argument started when Reed confronted Mr. Maroulis with photos and emails she found proving he was continuing an affair with a married mother of a child at their daughter’s school,” Mandel explains.

“Mr. Maroulis flew into a rage, grabbed her by her hair and threw her violently to the floor, resulting in an injury to the right side of her head, and right knee. While Ms. Reed was lying helpless on the floor, Mr. Maroulis viciously kicked her twice in [the groin]. … Ms. Reed locked herself in her bedroom and called the police. Hearing Ms. Reed on the phone with 911, Mr. Maroulis ran from the home. Once the police arrived at the scene and saw how badly Ms. Reed was injured they were compelled, by law, to find Mr. Maroulis and arrest him, which they did.”

Meanwhile Maroulis’ rep – who had no comment on the infidelity claim but tells PEOPLE “the series of events and actions described [above] are not true” – says the former Rock of Ages star was the victim, not the aggressor in the situation.

“To the best of my knowledge it began when Mr. Maroulis told Ms. Reed he was ending their relationship – he told Reed was leaving her because of her continued instability. She became angry and began attacking him. During the course of the attack she hit him with her fists and threw numerous objects at him,” the rep previously told PEOPLE in a statement.

Maroulis “sustained a bruise and cut on his right thigh. He did not throw her to the ground or kick her in the groin during this incident. He consequently left their home to protect himself and to diffuse the situation. Some time later the local police came and arrested him for domestic abuse. He paid a small bail and was released.”

Added the rep at the time, “He was trying to be a nice guy because he is the father of their child and he became the victim.”

Following his arrest Wednesday, Maroulis also filed a temporary restraining order against Reed and planned to file for criminal charges against her, as well as go to civil court to arrange to see their daughter.

“When all the facts come out it will become clear that Mr. Maroulis was the victim here and Ms. Reed was the aggressor. Ms. Reed has a history of attacks on Mr. Maroulis and his property and these have previously been reported to law enforcement,” Maroulis’ rep told PEOPLE at the time.

Counters Reed’s attorney: “He did not explain how Ms. Reed sustained the injuries to her head, leg and groin that the police documented and photographed. Ms. Reed was never arrested in connection with this incident. … This is the second time that Ms. Reed has had to call the police to the home within the past two months as a result of being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Mr. Maroulis.”

Both parties are scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 24 in connection with the assault. Maroulis has an additional court date on Aug. 26 for violating the order of protection.

“Mr. Maroulis intends to defend himself vigorously, as well as protect his child, both in the court of law and, as necessary, in the court of public opinion and is confident that he will be completely vindicated when the truth is known,” Maroulis’ rep said. “He thanks his family, friends, fans and supporters for their continued faith and trust in him during this challenging time and assures them that their belief in him is warranted.”

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