"He was in that courtroom," says sister La Toya. "That's why victory was served"

By Mike Fleeman Howard Breuer
November 07, 2011 05:30 PM
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Throughout the six-week trial, they always felt his presence. Now they can take some solace in a courtroom victory.

Michael Jackson’s family cried, shouted and finally gave a sigh of relief after his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter Monday in the pop star’s death.

“He was in that courtroom and that’s why victory was served,” Jackson’s sister La Toya told HLN while leaving through courthouse through a gauntlet of reporters.

Added his other sister Rebbie: “I’m just happy it’s over with. Nothing will bring him back, but I’m just happy (Murray) was found guilty.”

As the verdict was read, a shout came up from the audience section of the courtroom where Jackson’s family sat. La Toya cried, “Yes!” and Jackson’s mother Katherine quietly dabbed tears.

Murray remained stoic while hearing the verdict, but then appeared bewildered as a sheriff’s deputy handcuffed him behind his back and led him away to jail, where the doctor was ordered to remain without bail pending sentencing.